4 Bedtime Rituals For a successful person / want to know what rich personalities do before going to bed ??

Want to Know what Rich Personalities  do Before Going to Bed ?

Richest People in The World

”I Have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting ”

So the most important thing in our today life is BEDTIME SLEEP which  means a good and healthy sleep which is hard to find in today’s world . The last few things you do before bend tend  to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the next day as they determine how well and how much you sleep . There are four ways to have a RICH CLASS SLEEP 😎

1:) Unplug from w0rk
Most of the researchers held that the successful persons do not check their mail and work related issues before going to sleep as any kind of screen work before going to bed may harm you more than good

2:) Plan out your sleep
Most of the studies held that nowadays most of the busy people are facing dangers of chronic sleep   Deficits , there must be a consistent habit of going to sleep at a particular time which is key to healthy sleep .” Satya nadella ( CEO OF HCL) he gets eight hours of sleep and wakes up at 7 am”

3:) Make a to= do list
Make a proper to do list to which will ensure you what to do for the following day and it will lead to proper time management which will help in invading head space during night

4:)  Give up the night cap
While aa we all know that alcohol can certainly help you fall asleep the national institute of health finds that it will deprive you for having good quality sleep . ” arianna huffington the famous greek author avoids consuming alcohol before going to bed ”

So thats all i am sure if you will follow this 4 rituals it will have a prolonged effect on your good life .

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