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Mehgan James planted whole Rob Kardashian Story For Notoriety

Mehgan James apparently released fake Rob Kardashian story for exposure


Mehgan James apparently released fake Rob Kardashian story for exposure Image Credit – Getty Images

‘She needed to develop her taking after’: Robert Kardashian’s ‘fake sweetheart’ Mehgan James ‘planted the whole story’ for online networking acclaim

Gossipy tidbits that Rob Kardashian is dating Mehgan James, a reality star best known for her time on VH1’s Bad Girls Club. A few media outlets appeared to be sure that the relationship was the genuine article and that Rob and Meghan had been seeing each other on the down-low for quite a long time.

As per TMZ, Kardashian’s accounted for association with Bad Girls Club star Mehgan James, is only talk—one professedly made up by James herself.

He’s had a genuinely turbulent time with his affection life, with a convoluted on/off association with the mother of his youngster, previous stripper Blac Chyna, and additionally a string of revealed sentiments.

In any case, it has been affirmed that Rob Kardashian’s most recent indulgence, Mehgan James, was altogether made up – and she planted the story to acquire online networking adherents.

Kardashian, 30, denied the supposed sentiment on June 1, 2017, tweeting out, “Hold up perusing on the web about some chick I’m dating Megan something. Not genuine never at any point met her or known about her some time recently.”

James later retweeted Kardashian’s post. On June 2, she tweeted, “Despite the fact that I’ve been prompted not to state anything, I will state, I’m just ‘Megan something.’ I don’t control the media yet we as a whole know who does.”

She included, “I’m similarly as confounded as every other person.”

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