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Rebecca Burger A French Fitness Blogger has died from an exploding cream dispenser

This Is Tragic That Has Happened Popular Blogger 

Rebecca Burger Died

A lifestyle blogger has been killed by an exploding whipped cream dispenser.

Rebecca Burger, 33, reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest after the gadget exploded and struck her chest.

They work by injecting gas into a metal canister to pressurise the contents, but one French consumer group has warned for years that they are a risk.

Ms Burger’s family announced her death on Facebook and Instagram, where she has a following of around 200,000.

The type of whipped cream can that is allegedly responsible for her death was recalled by the company who made it back in 2013, many are still on the market. In a post on her Instagram, her family showed the cannister that was at fault and urged others to be on the lookout for similar devices in order to protect themselves.

According to USA Today, two other people in France have been injured as a result of the faulty cans, but Rebecca’s is the first death reported.

Burger’s last Instagram post was just five days ago. The fitness blogger would often participate in competition, and according to the NBC – most recently placed eighth in the Arnold Classic held in Columbus, Ohio.

Rebecca Burger’s freak whipped cream canister accident may not be as bizarre as we thought. EXCLUSIVELY reached out a doctor to hear the medical science behind the deadly explosion.

As if there weren’t enough deathly weapons in the world, now we have to add whipped cream canisters to the list. Rebecca Burger, a French Instagram model, died on June 18 at 33 years old after experiencing an explosion to the chest — caused by an unsuspecting canister of whipped cream. As news spread, readers dubbed her accident the freakiest home death they’ve heard in years, but Dr. Irving Sobel, MD says there’s a logical medical reason behind the impact. “It sounds like she had blunt trauma to the chest, there are several ways that can cause a heart attack,”

she tells EXCLUSIVELY. “A blow to the chest can cause the heart muscle to rupture, causing sudden death.”

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