Wendy Williams’ Staff Reportedly Leaked Cheating Story; Several Fired

Wendy Williams Fires Staff

The mediator is purportedly ending some of her specialists after a present account about her significant other, Kevin Hunter, spilled.


Wendy Williams Fires Staff
Wendy Williams Fires Staff

Weeks after reports of Kevin Hunter undermining his loved one, grapple individual Wendy Williams, broke the web, the media master has purportedly found the wellspring of the story, and it’s none other than her own staff individuals.

According to another report from TheJasmineBrand, Williams took after the “made up” story back to disillusioned agents, and she has been disseminating pink slips left and perfect since.

“Wendy found who was behind the story and they were truly people from her staff,” shared the source. “She let go any person who was related with the story since it was fake, and additionally it showed that they were so manipulating to her. She can’t trust someone who may do that to her. She ended some of her staff, including a couple of creators.”

Searcher was rebuked for carrying on 10 years long issue with now-32-year-old back rub pro Sharina Hudson, as far as anyone knows moving her out of his two-room apartment suite and into a $765,000 home just nine miles a long way from his family’s area in Morristown, N.J.

Williams kept an eye on the discussion the following day, making herself the “Fascinating issue,” for a change.

“It’s some sort of odd story evading the web as for my significant other,” she said.

“Without giving the story a ton of thought, you can acknowledge what you require, yet … ” then the host held up her left hand to show her wedding ring.

“I stay by my individual,” she announced. “We headed toward the start of today. All is well in Hunterville. Do whatever it takes not to put stock in the development, and if there was development, believe me, you—I would let you know.”

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