15 Times A WWE Superstar Has Been Replaced In A Match At The Last Minute

WWE Superstar Who Have Been Replaced In A Match At The Last Minute

WWE Superstar TLC

WWE Superstar TLC

WWE dependably guarantees that they publicize their shows with the notice that “All cards are liable to change.” Like most live occasions, the organization can’t generally guarantee that specific individuals from their program will be in participation in light of the fact that WWE is an all day work and some of the time the organization needs to cover for ailment and damage. This was made much more evident this previous week when sickness cleared the WWE locker room and kept three hotshots from going to the TLC occasion, despite the fact that exclusive two of them were planned to be a piece of matches.

The organization needed to act quick and could concoct reasonable supplantings for the two men with only a day to save before the occasion really occurred live. WWE has clearly moved toward becoming specialists with regards to working under weight, around wounds and endeavoring to keep away from disease in the course of recent years. Obviously, ailment and damage are by all account not the only reasons for WWE stars to not be accessible for occasions, as the accompanying rundown will appear.

This article will take a gander at all the circumstances that WWE has been compelled to supplant a hotshot in a prominent ultimately, shockingly, there have been numerous more cases that you would have thought.


The Royal Rumble is awesome with regards to returns and amazements, none more so than at the Royal Rumble in 2004 when the WWE Universe was dealt with to one of the greatest and best astonishments WWE has ever advertised.

The show went backstage and saw Stone Cold Steve Austin go over Test’s body backstage after he had clearly been pounded by somebody. Test should contend in The Rumble coordinate and there was nobody to supplant him, with the exception of the individual that had clearly assaulted him. Austin took a gander at the culprit and disclosed to them that they needed to go to the ring, as the WWE Universe enthusiastically expected their passage music and shockingly it was Mick Foley. The Hardcore Legend returned and went straight after Randy Orton in extraordinary compared to other a minute ago Rumble changes WWE have ever pulled off.



Kurt Angle came back to WWE following his Hall of Fame enlistment back in April and has since been a piece of the Raw program as their General Manager. Edge hadn’t wrestled in a WWE ring for a long time before this previous end of the week, however it appears that WWE was left with no alternative in front of TLC.

Three individuals from the WWE locker room apparently fell sick with a viral contamination thought to be mumps in the course of recent weeks, which left Roman Reigns unfit to join The Shield at TLC in their debilitate coordinate. WWE needed to supplant “The Big Dog” and chose the day preceding the occasion that Kurt Angle would be the best decision. Point got the win for his group after the triple power-bomb, so it appeared that the organization settled on a decent decision.



Survivor Series is one of the greatest occasions of the year, which implies that WWE dependably needs to guarantee that they have their best individuals from their list arranged to do fight. It appears that in 2016 when the groups were declared, WWE administrators weren’t content with them and felt that there should have been to a greater degree a draw when it went to the conventional Survivor Series disposal coordinate.

Nobleman Corbin was then “harmed” in his match against Kalisto the week prior to the show and was deliberately supplanted by SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon in light of the fact that the organization assumed that placing Shane in the match would offer a larger number of tickets than Corbin on the grounds that McMahon was thought to be the significantly greater draw. How well did that function out for you?



Survivor Series has dependably been where The Big Show has possessed the capacity to emerge, none more so than at the show in 1999. Stone Cold Steve Austin was working harmed and expected to remove some time from WWE to mend. The organization had him set up for various up and coming shows, including a match at Survivor Series for the WWF Championship, however fortunately they had an arrangement.

Steve Austin was as yet promoted to be a piece of the match toward the start of the show before he was bafflingly keep running over in the parking garage and it was uncovered that there was currently an open spot in the match. Huge Show went ahead to take the spot and won the match between himself, The Rock and Triple H to exit as Champion.



Back at In Your House 4 out of 1995, it appears that WWE had another cerebral pain when it came to finding a very late substitution. Shawn Michaels was the Intercontinental Champion and he was set to protect the title against Dean Douglas at the occasion, yet when Michaels was pounded, all things considered, he was not able be cleared to participate in the show.

WWE could without much of a stretch have scratched off the match and chose rather to enable it to occur when Michaels was sound, yet they selected to give Douglas the Championship by means of relinquish before it was uncovered that he would need to confront Razor Ramon, a dear companion of Michaels, in the event that he needed to leave the ring as Champion. Ramon won the match and took the title for his companion, giving Douglas one of the most brief title rules of that period.



Shockingly, this previous week wasn’t the first occasion when that WWE was compelled to change a card finally because of disease. Back at The Great American Bash in 2006, the first card should be Batista versus Check Henry, The Undertaker versus The Great Khali in the Punjabi Prison coordinate, Gregory Helms versus Super Crazy and Finlay versus William Regal versus Bobby Lashley in a triple danger coordinate.

A couple of days before the occasion Mark Henry endured knee damage and was supplanted by Mr Kennedy in his match against Batista. It was then declared at last that The Great Khali, Super Crazy and Bobby Lashley were not cleared to contend after it was uncovered that they were experiencing raised compounds in their livers. They were then supplanted by Mr Kennedy, The Big Show, and Matt Hardy while Lashley was removed from his match and it was made a direct one-on-one amongst Regal and Finlay.

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley

Wounds can cause an entire way of issues in WWE, particularly when there is a storyline arranged and the whiz being referred to is compelled to sit on the sidelines. This is precisely what happened to Triple H back at New Years Revolution in 2007.

Triple H pulled his quad in his match with Shawn Michaels against Rated RKO, which implied that he was removed from his WrestleMania coordinate and supplanted by Shawn Michaels. Michaels should be Donald Trump’s pick for the “skirmish of the billionaire’s” match against Booker T, yet Triple H’s damage tossed a torque into the framework and rather it was Bobby Lashley and Umaga who were picked as the substitutions. As should be obvious, wounds can cause issues, particularly in WrestleMania season.



The Ultimate Warrior had probably the most noteworthy minutes inside a WWE ring, and none more so than in 1988 at the inaugural SummerSlam occasion. Warrior should be a piece of the demonstrate that night, yet when The Honky Tonk Man required his rival, who should be Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, the crowd was dealt with to a gigantic stun.

Rather, it was Ultimate Warrior who kept running down the passageway and responded to the call that had been set by the Champion. What was more extraordinary was the way that he could overcome The Honky Tonk Man in seconds to end up noticeably the new Intercontinental Champion. It was certainly the ideal path for WWE to start the Summer Celebration that is as yet known as SummerSlam.



Another compensation per-see that the WWE Universe will recall just like a smidgen of a wreck was Survivor Series in 1993. Randy Savage must be brought in as a trade for Mr. Consummate who had re-harmed his back.

Shawn Michaels was suspended and in this way unfit to be a piece of the occasion, however when lawful issues kept Jerry Lawler from going to the occasion, Michaels was a very late trade for The King. There was no clarification concerning why Lawler was supplanted despite the fact that a significant number of the WWE Universe knew that it was on account of he was professedly blamed for attack, Michaels made a phenomenal showing with regards to venturing in for King in a match that look bad in the amazing plan of things since the whole match was based on the fight between Bret Hart and Lawler.



WWE displayed Beast In The East back in July 2015 and the occasion was publicized as Brock Lesnar’s first non pay-per-see coordinate in WWE in over 10 years. As a feature of the show, Nikki Bella was booked to protect her Divas Championship in a triple risk coordinate against Naomi and Paige.

Until the point that the show began, it appeared that Naomi would in any case be a piece of the match until the point when it was later announced that Naomi had endured a passing in her family and was compelled to fly home. Tamina was then made piece of the match in her nonappearance since she was the main alternative in Japan at the time. Nikki went ahead to win the match by sticking Tamina, so it appears that Naomi may have settled on the correct decision by heading home as opposed to remaining with WWE and partaking in the match.



The occasions of the night when Vengeance: Night of Champions occurred in 2007 are as yet carved into the psyche of numerous individuals from the WWE Universe. Chris Benoit was booked to go up against CM Punk for the empty ECW Championship that night in June, yet after he no-demonstrated the occasion and the organization were not able get into contact with him, they were compelled to make a late substitution.

Johnny Nitro was the man who was drafted in to supplant Benoit in the match and shockingly it was Nitro that went ahead to win the match, crushing the Straight Edge Superstar. The explanations for Benoit’s no-appear at the compensation per-see occasion turned out to be clear the next day as this now stays one of the darkest days in proficient wrestling history.



Erick Rowan was just observed as an individual from The Wyatt Family in WWE for various years. That was until the point when Survivor Series in 2014. The first arrangement for the show was for Sheamus to be a piece of the conventional disposal coordinate, yet when he was discounted with damage WWE was compelled to make a very late substitution.

Rowan was shockingly uncovered as the last individual from John Cena’s group at Survivor Series, this came as an enormous stun since his sibling and kindred Wyatt Family part Luke Harper was a piece of the inverse group. Rowan didn’t assume an enormous part in the match at last and later he rejoined his family as a foot rear area, so it was a marginally futile expansion.



This was a current substitution that wasn’t seen on WWE TV, however this expansion to the rundown just demonstrates that WWE is compelled to roll out a minute ago improvements to their live occasion cards and the compensation per-see ones, which implies you never know who will appear at a WWE Live show.

Back in June at a WWE Live occasion in Vancouver the organization was compelled to declare that Seth Rollins had been drafted in to supplant Shinsuke Nakamura. It appears that Nakamura had an issue crossing the fringe into the nation, so Rollins was compelled to come in at last in light of the fact that Nakamura couldn’t go to the show. Rollins confronted WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at the occasion in a losing exertion as the fans in participation were dealt with to an uncommon SmackDown appearance from The Architect.

  1. Mark HENRY


Elimination Chamber in 2015 saw the Intercontinental Championship chose inside the structure for the first run through since Daniel Bryan was not able safeguard his title through damage. Rusev was declared as one of the contenders for the match in front of the occasion, yet he endured a broken foot the week prior to the demonstrate that precluded him of the occasion.

Unfathomably, it was Mark Henry who was the man that WWE acquired to supplant The Bulgarian Brute finally. Henry didn’t assume an enormous part in the match since it was Ryback who wound up securing the win and lifting the Intercontinental Championship out of the blue. Daniel Bryan even showed up at the occasion to hand the title over to Ryback following his memorable win.



WWE influenced the stunning declaration to a week ago that AJ Styles would supplant Bray Wyatt at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs since Wyatt (alongside his genuine sibling Bo Dallas) were believed to experience the ill effects of viral meningitis or mumps.

Styles was an individual from the SmackDown program so it was a stun that he was brought in for a Raw pay-per-see occasion, however what was significantly all the more stunning was the way that WWE had booked a dream coordinate between two previous Bullet Club pioneers since he had never confronted Finn Balor in WWE. The match was the best one of the night as the two previous NJPW stars left everything in the ring and demonstrated that one day they would have an extraordinary quarrel on the fundamental stage.

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