WWE Stars You Likely Didn’t Know Use A Fake Name

15 Current WWE Stars You Likely Didn’t Know Use A Fake Name


15 Current WWE Stars You Likely Didn_t Know Use A Fake Name
15 Current WWE Stars You Likely Didn_t Know Use A Fake Name

The WWE is a wacky association, especially when you review the way that they hold the benefits of your own uncommon ring name. Take Cody Rhodes for example, there’s a reason he’s recently known as Cody on the independents and that is a direct result of the way that the WWE holds duty regarding word ‘Rhodes’ in his last name. Imagined Cody Garrett Runnels, Cody was not considered with the Rhodes family name. In case he was, the WWE would have likely changed his name to something that they can hold duty regarding. Or maybe, they guarantee the Rhodes name which is extremely astounding and truly strange.

Prodigies using their bona fide name is an abnormality in the field, if they do have the upside of using their honest to goodness name, they can use that name uninhibitedly wherever they forsake imprisonments.

On this summary, we research certain performers you may have thought use a certified name, regardless, that isn’t the circumstance as you’ll discover in this article. From Enzo Amore to Dana Brooke, you’ll be astonished at what number of names the WWE rebranded. Value the article individuals and like constantly, make a point to bestow it to a friend. Immediately, here are 15 current WWE stars you likely didn’t know use a fake name. We should begin, ring the ringer!

  1. Randy Orton – Randal Orton
Randy Orton – Randal Orton
Randy Orton – Randal Orton

Affirm, so Orton’s name won’t not be absolutely one of a kind, however in his honest to goodness living, Orton goes by the name Randal Keith Orton. Just imagine Michael Cole yelling as boisterous as could be expected under the circumstances: “Randal essentially hit a RKO unexpectedly”… .. No. Just no!

The 37 year old is so far running strong with World Wrestling Entertainment nowadays. Nearing his 40s, his schedule isn’t what it used to be as the WWE has pulled him off from live shows in the past to empower his timetable to some degree more, regardless of the way that he is on TV on seven days after week preface. Today, Orton’s esteeming his chance in the ring and that is in extensive part on account of his life outside of the ring as a happy family man, managing different adolescents near to his new life partner, Kimberly Kessler.

  1. Jeff and Matt Hardy – Jeffrey Nero Hardy and Matthew Moore Hardy
Jeff and Matt Hardy – Jeffrey Nero Hardy and Matthew Moore Hardy
Jeff and Matt Hardy – Jeffrey Nero Hardy and Matthew Moore Hardy

Like Randy, the progressions to their names genuinely aren’t that staggering, however Matt and Jeff use compressions to their ring names. Jeff, is truly known as Jeffrey Nero (in this way the Brother Nero trap), while Matt, is Matthew Moore Hardy and not Matthew “Broken” Hardy…

Hard to believe the two mellowed into the WWE up 1994… let that sink in for a minute. Little in stature, the two began at an energetic age with the association filling in as change blessings. For the young people, it was a way to deal with get their feet inside the portal. Affecting his acquaintance as a weakling with kind of wrestler, Jeff used the name Keith Davis (almost certainly, that is completely wavering).

The kin would legitimately breakout in 1998 transforming into a remarkable name bunch group. Who could have expected that two decades later, regardless of all that they’d be more completed than whenever in late memory with the WWE in their 40s!

  1. Enzo Amore – Eric Arndt
Enzo Amore – Eric Arndt
Enzo Amore – Eric Arndt

A profound established fan of the WWE, Enzo was a long way from transforming into a WWE Superstar years earlier. He had no related information in the business; all he genuinely was, was a super-fan that knew how to run his mouth. It was that mouth of his that earned him an occupation with the association after his mentor demonstrated Triple H a social affair of Amore cutting promos. Snappy forward to now and it’s totally apparent that the association settled on the right decision.

They in like manner settled on the right decision in changing his name. Known as Eric Arndt, that kind of name decidedly doesn’t yell out “Guaranteed G.” The Jersey child would end up changing his name to Eric Anthony while at the Performance Center. Now that is a significant measure better than his certifiable name, however the association precisely chose to rebrand his name undoubtedly before he began with NXT. We can’t consider a more qualified name than Enzo Amore for the present Cruiserweight Champion.

  1. Jinder Mahal – Yuvraj Singh Dhesi

Really, we could have lived in a world that featured Y2J, RVD and YSD (a play on Jinder’s honest to goodness initials). Nevertheless, the WWE rather cleverly picked Jinder Mahal in light of the way that like, just imagine a WWE correspondent saying Yuvraj over and over in the midst of a WWE communicate. Nope, that just won’t happen, paying little heed to the likelihood that it is a substantial Indian name.

A similar number of fans know now, Mahal’s ride to the best wasn’t the smoothest as his expert wrestling wander began course in 2002. He wasn’t gifted with customary in-ring capacity, however his size alone was adequate to get him enrolled by the association. His at first run was exceptionally shocking and his second run would have liked to go a comparable way. In any case, Mahal would get the push of a lifetime by the association and he continues thriving as the champion up until this point since the Backlash PPV. Thankfully, Jinder Mahal is the name on the title plate and not his past false name, Tiger Raj Singh.

  1. Titus O’Neil – Thaddeus Michael Bullard
Titus O'Neil
Titus O’Neil

Yes, we do in actuality live in a world in which Titus O’Neil uses a fake name. Truly, did you genuinely understand that wasn’t his genuine name? Everything considered, if you took after his football employment, you knew he was rebranded by the WWE as he as of now go by the name Thaddeus Michael Bullard. Adequately, he could have been set apart as Notorious TMB… ..

He ended up changing his name to Titus, which is extraordinarily enhanced than Rufus Patterson, a name he once used. Rufus Patterson sounds more like a repairman or something, not a WWE Superstar by any techniques…

At 40 years of age, Titus’ days in the ring are limited nowadays as he serves a more ‘managerial part’ for his Titus Brand gathering. A skilled open speaker, O’Neil has filled a tremendous need as an ambassador for the association.

  1. Bobby Roode – Robert Roode Jr.
Bobby Roode
Bobby Roode

He began his wrestling wander in the late 90s and who may have trusted that at 40 years of age, notwithstanding the way that he is so far wrestling he’s getting a charge out of the continue running of a lifetime with the WWE consequent to putting in more than 10 years with TNA?! Roode finally rolled the dice and put it all on the line a leaving TNA. His decision worked out immaculately as did he advance toward getting to be NXT Champion, and additionally his reputation accomplished new statures with the association. Despite whether it be his epic mark tune, perfect robe or precision capacities in the ring, Roode has ended on all barrels up until this point.

All through his long livelihood, he’s accomplished a couple of name changes. Roode once go by the name Mark Rude and even, Lee Awesome, which genuinely aren’t too terrible. He even used his certified name Robert Roode, at one point in his livelihood too.

  1. Dana Brooke – Ashley Mae Sebera
Dana Brooke – Ashley Mae Sebera
Dana Brooke – Ashley Mae Sebera

Dana Brooke is another WWE Superstar you likely thought was truly named Dana, everything considered. Regardless, eager supporters of working out know her as Ashley Mae Sebera, her genuine name.

In a remarkableness of sorts, Triple H enrolled the weight lifter from the Arnold Classic. Nowadays, most NXT blessings have to some degree a wrestling establishment, yet Dana was an exceptional case as she joined the association based off of her photo. For the most part, Triple H’s judgment is right on target however for this circumstance, it missed the mark an impressive sum. Dana wasn’t set up for a ring yet rather, the WWE rang her paying little heed to the short lived extend down being created. With capacity at an unequaled high on the standard rundown, Brooke has transformed into a major ordeal inopportune thought. Presently, a spell back in NXT wouldn’t be the most exceedingly awful thing for the 28 year old.

  1. Eric Young – Jeremy Fritz
Eric Young – Jeremy Fritz
Eric Young – Jeremy Fritz

In the wake of proceeding onward from optional school, Eric Young began his master wrestling wander in the late 90s. He found a consistent position with TNA in 2004 playing to his Canadian roots as a person from the Team Canada gathering. With a name like Jeremy Fritz, you’d think he was German and not Canadian.

He battled with “Robert Roode” in TNA in 2006; who may have envisioned that 10 years sometime later the two presents would be in the WWE? Like Roode, the veteran experienced his entire calling with TNA from 2004 all that course till 2016. Following 12 years with the association, he pulled back, showing up with NXT, in any case he was not under contract in the midst of his first appearance. Energetic would over the long haul sign and he’s by and by thriving as the pioneer of the Sanity gathering. A major program ring seems, by all accounts, to be unavoidable for 2018.

  1. Pete Dunne – Peter Thomas England
Pete Dunne – Peter Thomas England
Pete Dunne – Peter Thomas England

At 23 years of age, it’s hard to assume that we can reference Pete Dunne as a veteran in the business. Everything considered, by the age of 12 he was by then planning for a work as a specialist wrestler. By 2011, his calling was by then in full power joining Attack! Expert Wrestling. What’s to come is brighter than whenever in late memory for the capacity over in North America; when the time comes, we’ll be seeing a huge amount of the English nearby finished on WWE TV.

Strikingly enough, his certified name, Peter England furthermore sounds pretty bada** and a name that some may truly lean toward. He in advance used the name as well. Distinctive names he go by fuse Streetfighter Ken, which is outright senseless, nearby The Tiger Kid, which, well, is much unreasonably tasteless and a name he likely used as a pre-adult.

  1. Jason Jordan – Nathan Everhart
Jason Jordan – Nathan Everhart
Jason Jordan – Nathan Everhart

No, his bona fide name isn’t Jason Angle… This competent Superstar has seen his stock fall since taking an interest in the silly story that saw him revealed as the left offspring of Kurt. He was ousted from American Alpha and kept on joining Raw as a person from the program, the principle issue, the gathering was having none of the story and he remains colder than a touch of ice paying little heed to his evident trademark capacity. Presently, the best call is scrap this storyline and send him back to SmackDown near to Gable.

Affirm so storylines aside, (authentic name) Nathan Everhart was chosen by the WWE through the tenderfoot wrestling pipeline, no uncertainty about it, you can see any motivation behind why the WWE go so amped up for his potential. He fought with NXT regardless found his adjust with Gable in a mark gathering. We believe he can to be sure breeze up notwithstanding this awful story he’s at give working.

  1. Alicia Fox – Victoria Elizabeth Crawford
Alicia Fox – Victoria Elizabeth Crawford
Alicia Fox – Victoria Elizabeth Crawford

Give it a chance to be known, you thought Alicia Fox was her veritable name, isn’t that right? Everything considered, she’s nicknamed Foxy on Total Divas. Regardless, no, the long time WWE veteran is truly known as Victoria Crawford. She in like manner used the name Tori at one point in time according to the reports.

Hard to assume that the stunning Texas nearby joined the association practically 10 years earlier in 2008 she’s so far a bit of the association today. Notwithstanding the way that her storylines have been genuinely clashing, she’s at present getting a charge out of a normal push as she just won the refinements to boss Team Raw in the midst of the Survivor Series women’s name assemble arrange. Not too terrible for the 31 year old who without a doubt merits such a gig. With only a solitary Divas Championship added to her collection, we believe she can add one more title to her resume before resting until tomorrow with the association.

  1. Chad Gable – Charles Betts
Chad Gable – Charles Betts
Chad Gable – Charles Betts

Like Jordan, Gable had a regarded fledgling wrestling establishment despite battling in the pre-summer Olympics. He joined NXT not long after his Olympic experience and child, did he ever get on quick! Pinnacle’s stock beaten as a person from American Alpha as the group was significantly completed the process of being created. Fans salivated considering the name bunch joining the rule list and going up against the best gatherings.

Clearly, those wants dove in light of unpleasant booking. While Jordan fled to Raw, Gable continues over on SD working close-by Shelton Benjamin in a mark gathering. Imagined Charles Betts, the 31 year old has insane capacities and we really believe the WWE does not squash his potential.

Goodness, and for his name, the Gable part pays respect to the huge Olympian learner wrestler Dan Gable.

  1. Baron Corbin – Thomas Pestock
Baron Corbin – Thomas Pestock
Baron Corbin – Thomas Pestock

Baron Corbin embodies what the basic inspiration driving the WWE’s Performance Center was, and what NXT was about. Known as Thomas Pestock in the midst of his NFL days, the past Arizona Cardinal was rebranded to Baron Corbin when rolling out the improvement into proficient wrestling and joining the WWE.

Not in any way like others, the association deliberately took as much time as vital with Corbin knowing they had some certifiable potential. He took an interest in 2012 and it wasn’t till 2016 that he joined the essential program, winning the regarded Andre the Giant Battle Royal. The association remains high on his potential as the Superstar is a past Money in the Bank victor and the present US Champion. At 33 years of age, the capacity continues expanding truly fundamental experience over on SmackDown Live. A title continue running with the genuine title doesn’t seem like an incomprehensibility down the line.

  1. Charlotte Flair – Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr
Charlotte Flair – Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr
Charlotte Flair – Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr

Certify, so we may have blown your mind a dab, especially the accommodating fan. Is her name not Charlotte, and in addition heck, even her last name is off base! We have to blow your mind fairly more; did you know Ric Flair’sactual name does reject Flair or Fliehr by any methods? Before changing his name, Ric was known as Fred Phillips… . Mind blown! Basically imagine for a minute: “progressing toward the ring, the Nature Boy Fred Phillips!” No. Just no.

Hard to assume that wrestling wasn’t in Charlotte’s not all that far off back in her 20s. She put it all out there the in 2012 joining NXT and you can express the decision has paid off charmingly for The Queen. She’s a trademark at her craft and we envision that Charlotte will coordinate her father’s streak eventually not far-removed.

  1. Dean Ambrose – Jonathan David Good
Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose

From an early age, there wasn’t whatever else Dean Ambrose expected to do with his life. Notwithstanding a vexed youth at home, he found euphoria in virtuoso wrestling. Joining straightforward progressions at a lucky time, Dean made his name on the non standard players previously denoting a WWE developmental course of action. Despite denoting the game plan, in spite of all that he lived in desperation for a little time, up until the point that he moved in with Big Cass (out shockingly).

From Jon Moxley to Moxley Moxx, you’d think his certified last name was Moxley yet no, his genuine name is Jonathan David Good. WWE eventually rebranded him to Dean Ambrose, a name that is all in all incredibly fitting given his wacky mindset. At 31 years of age, the Vegas occupant continues accepting a critical part on the Monday night show up.

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