Actress Naya Rivera Arrested

Glee Star Naya Rivera Arrested

Glee star Naya Rivera arrested
Glee star Naya Rivera arrested

Big Sean seemed to shade her on Twitter.

Naya Rivera, best known for her role in “Glee,” has been charged with domestic battery in West Virginia. She was taken into custody and her bail was set at $1,000, according to local news station WSAZ. She was released on a PR bond and reportedly picked up by her father-in-law.
According to Dorsey, they had an argument while taking their 2-year-old son Josey on a walk in Chesapeake, West Virginia. After having spoken to the police and turning over video Dorsey had allegedly taken with his phone of Rivera striking him, the actress was picked up by the cops.

Deputies also say that Rivera was drunk during the alleged altercation. It is unclear if Dorsey was under the influence at the time, according to investigators. Rivera allegedly hit Dorsey in the head and bottom lip. Dorsey did not require any medical attention, according to deputies.

Both Rivera and Dorsey are actors. One of Rivera’s most well-known roles is as Santana Lopez on the television series “Glee.” Dorsey has appeared on shows including “Pitch” and “Nashville.”

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