5 PLACES ON EARTH WHERE GRAVITY DOESN’T SEEMS TO WORK | दुनिया के 5 जगह जहां गुरुत्वाकर्षण काम नहीं करता |

5 Places Where Gravity Does Not Seem to Exist

धरती की इन जगहों पर ग्रेविटी काम नहीं करती हैं |
5 Places on earth where gravity doesn’t seems to work. Good thing for scientists and nerds, he discovered gravity and explored gravitational phenomena deeply. It is a common believe that anything living near the surface of earth is attracted towards its center. But what if we tell you that there are places where this attractive forces of gravitation do not work. Saint Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan, USA. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California. Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA. Magnetic Hill, Leh Ladakh, India. Waterfall, Faroe Islands. You should be familiar with the concept of gravity by now.

Here, the 5 Places on earth where gravity doesn’t seems to work

1. Hoover Dam
2. Inverted Waterfall
3. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz California
4. Mount Aragats
5. St. Ignace Mystery Spot

TOP 5 Most 5 Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem YOU WONT BELIEVE EXIST!

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