Top 10 Times The Earth Swallowed Things On An EPIC Scale | दुनिया के 5 सबसे चौकानेवाले रहस्यमय छेद #sinkholes #sinkhole

5 Largest Holes Swallowing The Earth

When nature strikes to swallow the earth and create the largest vast holes, you better be prepared! Here are the top ten times the Earth swallowed things on an epic scale.

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10 largest sinkholes that swallowed the earth! Batakaiga Crater – Located in the East Siberian taiga, the Batakaiga crater is a land depression of epic proportions; a kilometre long gash in the land that is 100 meters deep. “The Grandfather” Sinkhole – Sinkholes tend to appear more frequently in mining towns, as mining activities weaken the soil. This is what happened in the town of Berezniki — a mining town where the “The Grandfather” sinkhole appeared; a massive sinkhole that continues to grow every single year. The Great Blue Hole – Sinkholes often swallow the ground and everything beneath it. Though very rarely, sinkholes also emerge underwater, filling itself with water, inadvertently creating a natural wonder. Dead Sea Sinkholes – The Dead Sea is on the verge of dying. It continues to shrink as its water level drops at least a metre per year.

Florida Sinkholes – If you live in Florida, you’ll have to contend with the fact that you’ll be living with sinkholes for the rest of your stay. Fukuoka, Japan Sinkhole – Like Florida, Japan is no stranger to geological disasters, as its residents experience over 1,500 earthquakes per year. So when a sinkhole appeared in Fukuoka back in 2016, local authorities quickly sprung into action to alleviate its citizens’ worries. Queensland Beach Sinkhole – When it comes to relaxation, nothing beats visiting a beach. But for some unlucky campers, visiting a beach may not be the best of ideas. Guatemala Sinkhole – Back in 2010, tropical storm Agatha wreaked havoc on most parts of Central America, including Guatemala. Xiaozhai Tiankeng – While sinkholes are often frightening, this massive sinkhole in China is a sight to behold. Nicknamed by locals the “Heavenly Pit”, it measures 662 metres deep and 527 metres wide. This giant sinkhole, or “tiankeng” as it is called in China, was formed over 10,000 years ago, after layers of limestone eroded by centuries’ worth of rain, collapsing the ancient caves and forming this amazing sight. Millennium Tower Subsidence – The Millennium Tower in San Francisco, California is currently facing two interconnected problems: one, its currently the subject of multiple lawsuits from its residents, and two – the reason these lawsuits have been filed – the building is slowly sinking and tilting, potentially endangering the lives of every resident.

5 of the Biggest, Strangest, and Most Devastating Sinkholes on Earth. We know about the world’s largest sinkhole thanks to a 1994 China Caves Project mapping, during which it was discovered. Thanks in part to an underground river in the forests of China, this double-nested sinkhole includes a waterfall in its depth of over 2,100 feet. 7 of the World’s Most Stunning Sinkholes.

Here, the 5 Most Mysterious Sinkholes on Earth

1. Guatemala city sinkhole
2. Dean’s blue hole
3. Mimmah sinkhole
4. Sarisariñama sinkholes
5. Door to hell sinkholes
6. Bimmah
7. Mount Gambier
8. Unidentified Unfortunate House
9. Agrico Gypsum Stack

5 Most Largest Holes Swallowing The Earth

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