5 Best Power Banks To buy On Amazon



1- Charge Tech – This is the world’s most powerful power bank. Let me tell you guys that this power bank is not limited to charge your mobile phones rather you can use this power bank for other devices too. With Charge Tech you can charge anything, anywhere. Also to mention that Charge Tech is the Winner of Amazon’s The Maker Challenge. The world’s smallest and most powerful AC portable charger battery pack includes 2 AC wall outlet. It can give power to any standard electrical device. The USB ports are equipped with Fast Charge technology to deliver 2.4 FULL AMPS to your devices for rapid charging.


2 – Power Core – Here comes the power core for you guys… 26800 MAH. It’s amazing design and powerful backup is quite to impress you. Power Core comes with 3 USB port which makes you charge 3 devices at the same time and it also has a dash charging system. This power bank can fully charge six Samsung S7 Phone and ten I-PHONE 6S and 2.5 I Pad Air 2. You can easily recharge the Power Core with 2 Power Cable in only 6.5 hours.


3 – Omni 20 – The Omni 20 is a power bank that can intelligently power most devices, all at the same time. In this you will get 2 USB-C ports, Dual output 100 Watt and single output 60 Watt. In this power bank you will get 2 rapid charging ports. And With Omni 20, you can charge 4 laptops, 2 Smart Phones and 1 One Camera. And in this you will get USB-C HUB feature, for file transfer. With Omni 20 you will get a smart LED Screen to capture Real Time Data. The amazing Omni 20 gives you 1000 Plus Battery Life and Twenty Thousand One Hundred MAH power bank which charges under 3 hours only. Omni is available in 2 colors white and black.


4 – Jackery Power Pro – This is one of the most powerful, power back up of all time. The Jackery delivers outdoor portable power designed with safety, providing the power to charge electronics, small appliances and more. The Jackery can be recharged using optional solar panels or by simply plugging in. It is the perfect companion for your camping, travelling and hiking. It is perfect for at the times of emergency or disasters. It is made of durable and reliable ABS+PC material, Designed to be snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof, and waterproof.


5 – Max-oak – Introducing you 36000 MAH Max-oak power bank, it is available in two colors in silver and gold. The body is totally designed with aluminum alloy. And with two different voltages it can charge your laptop and smart phone. The best feature of this power bank is that it has polymer lithium-ion batteries. With is power bank you can charge your Mac Book, I Pad, I Phone and other smart devices.

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