Becky Lynch denies signing WWE contract, says her deal is coming up soon

Becky Lynch’s WWE Deal Will Set A

New Precedent For Underpaid Female Stars

UPDATED: Becky Lynch Denies Signing New WWE Deal
UPDATED: Becky Lynch Denies Signing New WWE Deal

WWE star Becky Lynch is denying that she has marked another agreement with the WWE organization.

Becky Lynch said she utilized the influence of her WWE contract reestablishment to get a match with Asuka. That is all possible only for the storyline.

it was accounted for in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Becky Lynch marked another agreement a year ago for $1 million every year.

The story has been gotten by a few news destinations and Lynch was made mindful of what has been accounted for. As per her, she says the report isn’t valid and her arrangement is coming up soon. She additionally noticed that she hasn’t marked anything in years.

‘The Man’ asserts her current WWE bargain is set to terminate soon.

Lynch guaranteed on RAW, as a major aspect of her storyline with Asuka, that she was holding on to sign another agreement before she got her match with Asuka. Obviously, Lynch has said in the past that “only work” completes via web-based networking media, indicating that her Twitter account is in-character consistently.

Dave Meltzer revealed in the most recent release of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Lynch marked an arrangement for $1 million every year a year ago. Starting late, WWE has been marking ability to contracts for a long time and it’s accepted that Lynch’s arrangement was that length also.

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