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Anand Teltumbde’s Writes An Open Letter To The People Of India

A Day Before He Is To Be Arrested Anand Teltumbde Writes an Open Letter to The Nation

Anand Teltumbde's Writes An Open Letter To The People Of India
Anand Teltumbde’s Writes An Open Letter To The People Of India

A few Dalit pioneers, including MPs and MLAs, gave an announcement on Monday calling the inescapable capture of dissident Anand Teltumbde in the Bhima Koregaon case a “national disgrace”

On April 8, the Supreme Court had given seven days’ an ideal opportunity to Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha to give up to jail specialists. The request came after the court had dismissed their expectant bail supplications a month ago.

Social extremist Anand Teltumbde has composed an open letter to the individuals of the nation, a day prior to the incomparable court’s cutoff time to give up to prison specialists.

In the letter, Teltumbde has written a portion of his musings about how his capture emerged after a progression of occasions.

Open letter to the People of India

I am mindful this might be totally suffocated in the propelled clamor of the BJP-RSS consolidate and the subservient media yet I despite everything figure it might merit conversing with you as I don’t know whether I would get another chance.

Since August 2018, when the police struck my home in workforce lodging complex of Goa Institute of Management, my reality turned totally upside down. Never in my most exceedingly awful dream, would I be able to envision the things that started transpiring. In spite of the fact that, I knew that police used to visit the coordinators of my talks, generally colleges, and alarm them with enquiries about me, I figured they may be confusing me with my sibling who left family years back. While I was instructing at IIT Kharagpur an official of BSNL called, presenting himself as my admirer and well-wisher, educated me that my telephone was being tapped. I said thanks to him however sat idle, not even to change my sim. I was upset by these interruptions yet helped myself that it may rather persuade Police that I was a typical individual and there is no component of wrongdoing in my direct. The Police commonly hated social liberties activists since they question police. I envisioned, it may be because of the way that I had a place with that clan. Be that as it may, again I support myself that they would find that I was unable to play out that job either in light of my full time commitment with my activity.


Yet, when I got an early morning call from the Director of my foundation, illuminating me that the Police have assaulted the grounds and were searching for me, I was silent for a couple of moments. I had come to Mumbai on authentic work only a couple of hours prior and my better half had come before. At the point when I learnt of the captures, of the people whose houses were struck that day, I was shaken by the acknowledgment that I got away from the destiny just by stubbles. The Police knew my whereabouts and could capture me and still, at the end of the day however for the reasons known uniquely to them, didn’t do as such. They opened our home as well, persuasively getting a copy key from the security monitor, however just video-charted it and bolted it back. Our trial started in that spot. At the exhortation of our legal counselors, my significant other took the following accessible trip to Goa, and stopped a grumbling with Bicholim Police Station that the Police had opened our home in our nonattendance and that we would not be mindful in the event that they had planted anything. She chipped in giving our phone numbers should the Police need to ask with us.

Unusually, police had begun holding question and answer sessions not long after they set out on the Maoist story. It was plainly intended to prepare partiality out in the open against me and other captured with the assistance of obliging media. On 31 August 2018, in one such question and answer session, a cop read out a letter purportedly recuperated from the PC of past arrestees, as a proof against me. The letter was awkwardly developed with the data on the scholastic meeting I had gone to which was effectively accessible on the site of American University of Paris. At first I chuckled it out yet straightaway, chose to document a common and criminal criticism suit against this official and sent a letter on 5 September 2018 to the Government of Maharashtra for authorize according to the system. There has been no reaction from the legislature to date. The public interviews of the police, in any case, were halted when High Court condemned them.


The RSS turn in the whole case was not covered up. My Marathi companions revealed to me that one of their functionaries, Ramesh Patange, had composed an article in their mouthpiece Panchjanya focusing on me in April 2015. I was distinguished as Mayavi Ambedkarwadi alongside Arundhati Roy and Gail Omvedt. Mayavi in the Hindu folklore alludes to a devil intended to be decimated. At the point when I was illicitly captured by Pune Police while still under assurance of the Supreme Court, a digital group of Hindutva vandalized my Wikimedia page. This page is an open page and for a considerable length of time I was not in any case mindful of it. They right off the bat erased all data and just expressed “he has a Maoist sibling… his home was assaulted … he was captured for joins with Maoist”, and so on. A few understudies later revealed to me that at whatever point they took a stab at reestablishing the page, or altering the page, this posse would jump upon and erase everything and put defamatory substance. At last, Wikimedia mediated and the page balanced out with a portion of their negative substance. There was a media raid, rolling out a wide range of canard through RSS’ alleged Naxal specialists. My grievances against the channels and even to the India Broadcasting Foundation, didn’t get a straightforward reaction. At that point in October 2019, the Pegasus story came out that the legislature had embedded a poisonous Israeli spyware on my telephone, among others. There was a fleeting hullabaloo in media however this genuine issue likewise has kicked the bucket still demise.

I have been a straightforward individual who has been winning his bread genuinely and helping individuals to the degree conceivable with my insight through compositions. I have an unsullied record of administration for about five decades to this nation in different jobs in corporate world, as an educator, as a social liberties dissident and an open scholarly. In my voluminous works containing more than 30 books, and various papers/articles/remarks/sections/interviews, distributed globally, not an intimation of help to brutality or any rebellious development could be found. Be that as it may, at the fag end of my life, I am being charged for the appalling wrongdoing under the draconian UAPA.

An individual like me clearly can’t counter the energetic publicity of the administration and its subservient media. The subtleties of the case are strewn over the Net and are sufficient for any individual to see that it is an awkward and criminal creation. A rundown note on AIFRTE site might be perused. For your advantage I will give its significance here:


I am embroiled based on the five letters among the 13 that the police purportedly recuperated from the PCs of two arrestees for the situation. Nothing has been recuperated from me. The letter make reference to “Anand”, a typical name in India, however the police unquestioningly distinguished it with me. Despite the structure and substance of these letters, which was destroyed by specialists and even by an equity in Supreme Court, who was the just one in the whole legal executive who went into the idea of the proof. the substance doesn’t allude to whatever could be remotely understood as even a straightforward wrongdoing. However, taking safe house under the draconian arrangements of the UAPA Act, that renders an individual helpless I am being imprisoned.

The case might be delineated for your understanding as follows:

Out of nowhere, a police gang dives down on your home and scours your home without demonstrating any warrant. Toward the end they capture you and cabin in the police lockup. In the court, they would state that while researching a robbery (or some other protest) case in xxx spot (substitute wherever in India) police recouped a pen drive or a PC from yyy (substitute any name) in which a few letters composed by an alleged individual from some prohibited association were recuperated that had a notice of zzz who as per the police is none other than you. They present you as a major aspect of profound scheme. Unexpectedly, you locate your reality turned upside down. Your activity gone, family losing house, Media maligning you about which you can’t do a damn thing. Police will deliver “fixed envelopes” to persuade judges that there was a by all appearances body of evidence against you that needs custodial cross examination. No contentions about there being no proof would be engaged as judges would answer that it would be found in preliminary. After custodial cross examination you will be sent to prison. You ask for bail and the courts will dismiss them as the chronicled information shows that the normal time of detainment ran from 4 to 10 years before they got bail or absolved. What’s more, this can happen actually to ANYONE.

For the sake of ‘country’ such draconian enactments that expose blameless individuals of their freedoms and every established right are unavoidably approved. The jingoist country and patriotism have weaponised by the political class to obliterate contradiction and spellbind individuals. The mass furor has achieved total derationalization and reversal of implications where destroyers of the country become deshbhakts and caring servers of individuals become deshdrohis. As I see my India being demolished, it is with a weak expectation that I keep in touch with you at such an inauspicious minute.

Indeed, I am set for NIA care and don’t have the foggiest idea when I will have the option to converse with you once more. Nonetheless, I sincerely trust that you will stand up before your turn comes.

Anand Teltumbde


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