Spring Clean Your Mental Wellbeing

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed, stressed out, or simply burned out by things going on in your life/the world?

Emotional fatigue can show up when you have a lot to juggle, particularly if those things are taking up a lot of your time and mental energy.

-Avoiding eye contact can happen when the anxiety feels too overwhelming, mind is racing with thoughts, or the person just does not want the attention.

Have you noticed yourself experiencing any of these anxiety behaviors?

If you’ve ever experienced your mental + physical state feeling different after a tough week or rough day, it might be indicating you’re emotionally burned out and need to pause + engage in taking care of yourself.

Anxiety can present itself in so many different ways, and sometimes it’s difficult for others to see or understand that it’s not purposeful “rude” behavior, rather, it’s anxiety showing up.

Have you noticed yourself experiencing any of these anxiety behaviors?
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