Trying to fall asleep with Anxiety sounds like

Falling asleep…

Trying to fall asleep with Anxiety sounds like

πŸ“   Did I overshare today?
πŸ“   What if something bad happens to the people, I love?
πŸ“   I feel like, I didn’t accomplish anything today
πŸ“   People probably hate me, Ugh I suck
πŸ“   Did I say something wrong today at work? They probable think, I’m stupid
πŸ“   My life is a total mess

All panic attacks don’t look the same! They can have a combination of appearances which ones from this list can you relate to?

πŸ“   Freeze in fear
πŸ“   Can’t breathe properly
πŸ“   Palpitating heart
πŸ“   Racing thoughts
πŸ“   Beating yourself up for not being productive but also not having the energy to do a single thing
πŸ“   Checking everything 10 times before leaving the house?
πŸ“   Did I turn everything off before, I left?

Let’s talk feels. What does anxiety mean to you?

Your feelings do not predict the future. Feeling something bad will happen has zero connection to something bad happening or not happening.
Embrace this. It will set you on the path to freedom

Is your Anxiety impacting your body?

“Book Your Appointment” – “Private Message Me” to find out IF and HOW; I can help you.

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