Does anxiety make you retreat?

“No. That’s not who I was.”

Anxiety can become a problem when we start to retreat from situations that make us feel anxious. This type of avoidance can lead to anxiety disorders

Life is too precious to waste it with worry.
Don’t be discouraged if you feel in control one day and totally anxious the next. Just as it took time for you to develop your fear and anxiety, it also takes time and patience to overcome them.

One of my clients said ” “I just wish I could go back to being who I
used to be before I got this anxiety disorder. I was independent and I didn’t have all these avoidances. I would do almost anything.”

“Think back,” I suggested, “about who you really ‘used to be.’ Were you an over reactor? Were you a worrier? Did you limit yourself by your fears and insecurities?”
“Yes,” she answered. “I was all of that.”
I continued. “Was the old ‘you’ confident? Secure within yourself? Going after the things you wanted in life?”

“No. That’s not who I was.”

“Then why would you want to go back to being someone who wasn’t secure and happy? The goal is not to go back to who you were. The goal is to be better than you’ve ever been before!”

She liked that idea and we nodded in agreement.

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Vikas Bajaj

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