What and How of Anxiety and Depression

Notes and Pill Bottles

Depression and Anxiety aren’t like what you see in the movies!

Depression and Anxiety can be the biggest smile on someone’s face!

Anxiety can be the most outgoing person in the room! Let’s normalize the true experiences of mental illness. You should never have to be forced to keep putting that mask on every day

Can you relate
πŸ“   Constant feeling something is wrong but not knowing what it is
πŸ“   Feeling like if I  don’t follow a certain routine, my life will fall apart
πŸ“   Constantly disappointing people by canceling plans
πŸ“   Thinking about all the things that could go wrong – in literally every possible situation then trying to plan for these
πŸ“   Fixating on the 1% chance of something happening & struggling to engage with 99% chance it won’t
πŸ“   Overthinking a mistake you made yesterday and wondering if anyone will bring it up today
πŸ“   Feeling already trapped by your responsibilities and commitments
πŸ“   Criticizing yourself as you’re already struggling & you haven’t started the day yet

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