Locating The Source of Your Anxiety

Everyday anxiety can steal your mental health, your emotional confidence, and your physical well-being. It can cause sleeplessness, lack of appetite, overeating, low-grade depression, and a variety of physical ailments such as upset stomach, headaches, or nervous tics.

A Common Experience 👉  Many people suffer anxiety in silence

The most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorders are:
👉 Panic Disorder
👉 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
👉 Social Anxiety Disorder
👉 Phobias
👉 Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Some people accept it as a fact of life. They believe everyone worries all the time. Emotionally, you’ll find that anxiety leads to depression or outbursts of anger.

It can make you unable to concentrate or to do simple tasks well, or it can cloud your view so that you don’t see things clearly. Physically, it will give you symptoms ranging from stomachaches and headaches to acid reflux.

Locating the source of your anxiety
How can you start to turn things around? The first step is to recognize that you’re anxious.
The second step is to pinpoint the site of that anxiety.

Are you suffering from Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Depression?

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