Anxiety and Its Impact

A runaway train that no one can stop.

Most people don’t take charge of their lives because they aren’t exactly sure what to do. By the time anxiety has taken over, their mind is fraught with worry and negative self-talk—a runaway train that no one can stop.

Anxiety has a direct impact on you. It can be emotional (worry, faulty
thinking, lack of confidence, lack of enjoyment of life) or physical
(stomachache, sweaty palms, or stressed muscles and headaches). Whatever the symptoms, there is some impact.

Review the list of those things that you consider to be most anxiety-inducing for you.

How do you react in these situations? Do they make you feel depressed?
Do you yell at someone?
Do you grit your teeth and fume?
Do you feel unable to get out of bed in the morning when you have to deal with the situation?
Do you get a bloated stomach?

Are you not exactly sure how the impact relates to the situation?
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