Who Is The Enemy???

Don’t allow moods to control your action

The real problem comes when your self-talk steals opportunities from you or pushes you toward actions that aren’t good for you.

Self-talk can become so familiar to you that you don’t even notice its existence.

What you say to yourself, the words you play in your head is often the difference between a healthy and unhealthy life.

If I asked you if you like talking to yourself about things that make you feel badly, most likely you would answer, “No.” That’s understandable: you have probably lived with it for so long, and in so many different venues, you may not realize when it sneaks up and begins talking to you.

Learning how negative self-talk impacts you is like having an early warning system. Begin to bring the self-talk into the light so you can see it and work with it more effectively.

What thoughts do you have when you encounter a difficult situation? Let me know in the comments 👇👇

The biggest asset in the world is your mindset.
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