The Unseen Cycle of Depression

When the trigger happens, a response follows it. It’s important to recognize how your triggers affect you.

You experience something in life—large or small. Rather than see it as what it is – an objective experience you process it with negative self-talk.

🌺  Are you ready for a calmer you? Are you ready for the steps you need to take to quell your anxiety, calm your mind, and allow yourself more positive options and outcomes in life? It really is up to you. It feels as though these things are out of your control, but the power is within you.

👀  Picture this, as best you can. It’s a beautiful day. You leave your house and smell the air of spring. You had time to get ready this morning so you were not rushed and you feel good. You find yourself smiling as you walk down your front stairs. Your spirits are up, and it feels like a good day is ahead.

✅  The beauty of positive self-talk is that you can call upon it during times of everyday anxiety and stress, or during times when things are spiraling out of control. The fact is, there is a calmer you.

🎯  If you are ready to make a life change and choose calm over-anxious, it’s time to uninvite the negative self-talk and invite in a more positive and powerful you.

🎯  But, you have to take some steps. You have to commit to a new way of being. You have to decide it’s time to allow the calmer you to emerge.
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