What is Emotional Maturity?

Very few things are cut and dry, this or that. 

Emotional immaturity comes from the inability to process emotions + have awareness of other people’s perspectives.

Many of us are emotionally immature. We live in a society/in homes that don’t teach us how to regulate our emotions. Or, how to have any awareness of how another person might perceive the world.

This results in:

– rigid/black + white thinking
– feeling shame or fear around conflicting emotions (ex: feeling bad about loving a parent while also having experienced trauma from that parent)
– thinking everyone must agree with you to share the same viewpoint
– shaming yourself for thinking thoughts or feeling emotions that aren’t ‘good’ or ‘happy’
– believing that someone’s disapproval means something about who we are
– being shut down to anything that doesn’t validate your own emotional experience

All of us can practice our way to more emotional maturity. This comes from understanding:

– there are multiple realities

– your reality is always valid— simply because you have it

– We can choose how we engage with those around us

– We can have our own thoughts/beliefs even if people disagree + allow the same to others

– We can have many different emotions about things at once

– We can create our own meaning or narratives around what we experience at any time.


Vikas Bajaj

Counseling Psychologist

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