Common Fears About Starting OCD Therapy

Don’t. Let. It. Win!⁠
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) will make you fall for every scary thought – including ones that may sabotage your chances of getting better.⁠

Don’t. Let. It. Win!⁠
⁠Yes, starting therapy can be scary, especially if it’s new. What if it doesn’t go well? What if you get your hopes up for no reason? What if the therapist judges you?⁠

Common fears about starting OCD Therapy
Fears that you don’t have OCD
Fears that you aren’t OCD enough
Fears of exposure therapy in general
Fears of letting go of rituals
Fears of describing your thoughts to someone
Fears you’ll be told you are going crazy
Fears of getting disappointed or let down

OCD can make you doubt everything – even therapy. But what if therapy actually helps you get your life back?

Everything is not always as it seems. Please check in on the ones you love. 💙⁣
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Vikas Bajaj
Counseling Psychologist

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