Anxiety can be really loud at times ðŸ“£

All it cares about is keeping us safe and out of harms way. It will shout at us to “⚠️ watch out,” “be careful,” “you should stay home,” or “don’t do that!”

But sometimes we need to interrupt the cycle with our authentic self. Our authentic self gently or assertively (🤣) let anxiety know it can take a back seat.

🙋🏻♀️ What self-statements can you repeat to yourself when you experience anxiety?

It’s hard to experience anxiety, I am doing my best.

I am safe, I feel my feet on the ground. I notice my breath.

Anxiety is trying to keep my safe. I am trying to be in the present moment to remain and calm and focus on my breathing.

Anxiety is what I experience. It is not who I am.

It is okay to be feeling what I am feeling

Hi Anxiety I see you. I feel you. We are okay. We are safe.

Grounding myself in the moment and bringing my awareness to my breath are ways that help me when feeling anxious.

“What I am experiencing right now is not to be afraid. Uncomfortable sensations, but not dangerous.” – usually does the trick for.

This. Is. Not. Easy. You are probably nodding your head right now. Essentially, our body and brain may be so used to being “on alert” or anxious, it views stillness/rest as a threat. We must be kind and compassionate to ourselves while we work to change the neuroplasticity or that well-defined road in our brain. It takes time.



Vikas Bajaj

Counseling Psychologist

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