How To Calm Your Nervous System

When it comes to managing the ‘Anxious Achiever’ experience (or anxiety in general) it is critical to integrate nervous system regulation practices 😌.

Anxiety activates the sympathetic nervous system state, essentially our fight/flight 😳 response. This response impacts almost the entire body, releasing stress hormones (all in service of survival).

When our sympathetic nervous system is activated for too long or “stuck on”, it can create extreme discomfort in the mind and body, not to mention chronic illness 🤒 .

It can be so powerful (and impactful) to tune in to our bodies and become familiar with our nervous system state 🧐.

When we recognize we are in a sympathetic state, we can then gently integrate regulation skills, like the ones above, to help ourselves come back to homeostasis.

👉🏼 I’ll be sharing more about this next week. If you’re curious about something specific when it comes to nervous system regulation, please leave me a comment below!

Tell me, which ones have you interested to integrate?

Are you or your loved ones coping with Anxiety or Panic Disorders?

Everything is not always as it seems. Please check in on the ones you love. 💙⁣

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