The relationship between trauma and high functioning anxiety 

It is still wild to me that there is a stigma when it comes to mental health! 🫤

Every other organ and bone in our body is often supported, valued and cared for when it is not doing well, so why is that when our hearts and minds are struggling 😕 we tend to minimize, dismiss, avoid, or judge!?

A lot of this is due to lack of education, acceptance, and compassion. It’s getting better for sure, but we can do better👊🏼!

The relationship between trauma and high functioning anxiety 

The tendencies, habitual patterns, and thought processes that go along with high functioning anxiety / anxious achieving, are often engrained for a reason.

There is often a story 📖 attached as to why we need to function in this way in order to “survive” or “feel enough.”

This is an exploratory perspective. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

When it comes to the ‘Anxious Achieving’ experience, it often includes an array of unhelpful thoughts 💭

We tend to jump from one thought (and task) to another in an effort to feel satisfied or completed or maybe content.

The struggle is the content feelings rarely come. Instead, there is the “next” thing to think about or to do. We are worried that if we stop, we will drop the ball, we will fail, or we will disappoint 😯 (among many other things).

Everything is not always as it seems. Please check in on the ones you love. 💙⁣

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