High Functioning Anxiety = Nervous System Dysregulation 

The nervous system is directly impacted when we are operating at a high level of anxiety

Essentially, it is responding and reacting to the external stressors and stimuli as if they are immediate threats. Just as it would if a lion 🦁 was chasing you.

This hyper-aroused state (mobilization or fight/flight) can create imbalance and dysregulation in the mind and body 😢, as it is working overtime to protect and keep you safe.

SIDE NOTE 📝: I’m not a fan of the term High Functioning Anxiety, as it somewhat implies that there isn’t deep suffering going on within the mind and body.
Instead, I use Anxious Achieving. We may be charging through life with a focus on productivity and/or achievement 😳. There are many reasons for this tendency.

However, the big takeaway here is becoming more aware 👀 of the dis-ease in your mind and body. And recognizing when you are in these types of states.
This brings in automatic nervous system awareness or somatic (body) awareness.
When it comes to your experience in particular, what do you notice in the mind and body?

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