Three Truths About Your Nervous System! 👀 Let’s explore…

Mind + body therapy is so important because our nervous system has a significant impact on how we experience our internal and external worlds🤔!

Let’s get into it:

1. Your nervous system is constantly looking for cues of safety and danger ⚠️ sometimes neutral or even positive cues can become misinterpreted by your nervous system and send signals of danger. Chronic stress and difficult experiences like trauma can lead to faulty cues 🫠

2. Your nervous system connects your brain 🧠 to your body. Your vagus nerve runs from your brain into major organs like your gut, lungs 🫁, and heart 🫀. This is why you may notice rapid shallow breaths + fast heartbeats when feeling anxious.

3. Your thoughts 💭 + the way you perceive your experiences are impacted by the state you’re in. A calm body will have a different narrative than a stressed one 😮‍💨

The wonderful part of all this, my favorite part, is that just as our nervous systems can begin to over-signal danger, they can be regulated to tune back into the neutral and positive cues around us 🤍

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