Traumatic stress can change the brain and impact daily living

We’ve been talking a lot about trauma 🥺.

1. Because most of us have experienced some form of trauma in our lives.
2. Trauma is often very much linked to the experience of anxiety.

Trauma can range in intensity and severity 😩. Truly it depends on the person, the resources available at the time, and the situation (just to name a few).

Nonetheless, trauma can impact how the individual “sees” 👀 the world. The brain 🧠 can change the way it perceives the outside world. The amygdala (fear/emotional processing center) can become over-activated. The hippocampus (memory center) can shrink. The automatic nervous system can become hyper-aware or vigilant, as it is primed to be READY 👊🏼 .

These changes can lead to many manifestations, such as anxiety.

Becoming more aware of your trauma history and addressing its impact is key 🔑 . Remember, even being told one time when you were little that you weren’t as pretty as the other girls can be traumatic to the brain and body. It doesn’t always have to be a “big” event.

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