Have you ever been so nervous about a work presentation that you are bee-lining to the bathroom before it starts 💩? 

We’ve all been there, right?

The gut and brain are in constant communication.  During times of stress, the sympathetic nervous system responds by releasing cortisol, the stress hormone 👀.  This is a good thing in theory as it makes us alert and ready to tackle the threat at hand.

However, it is not such great news for our digestion.

When cortisol 😵‍💫 is present in the body, blood flow and oxygen are diverted from the gut to the brain and muscles.

Who cares about digesting your food 🍔 when your body thinks you are in a life-threatening situation?

This can lead to cramping, bloating, diarrhea 💩, constipation, leaky gut, an imbalance in gut bacteria and more.

Essentially, due to the threat, the body prioritizes keeping you safe. So the body either releases the food quickly or holds on it. It doesn’t have bandwidth or time to properly digest! We are under ‘attack.’
Managing stress or anxiety is key. Practicing and adopting adaptive coping skills 😮‍💨 to decrease the intensity of anxiety/stress will help manage this struggle.

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