What is Conscious and Unconscious Mind

90% of the time most of us are running on a program called the unconscious. The brain conserves energy and wants to give you the most predictable life experience even if it’s one that has you feeling miserable.
You are able to “perform” this thing called life but it always feels like things are happening beyond your control. And they are. Since you are not present you’re always reacting to the past. Most of the people I work with describe this as constant overwhelm.
The conscious is literally being awake to your own reality. It is home to choice, logic, and self-confidence

📍   Conscious 10%
👉  Aware/Present/Awake

📍   Unconscious 90%
👉  Unaware/ Autopilot/Habitual
👉  Dominated by emotion and memory
👉  Knee-jerk reactions

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