दुनिया के 5 सबसे खतरनाक समुद्री बीच 5 Most DANGEROUS #BEACHES In The World DON’T EVER SWIM Here (Hindi)

These Are The Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

You Should Never go and Swim



Hanakapiai Beach. Hawaii

Hawaii may seem like the perfect area for a shoreline occasion yet one region you ought to stay away from no matter what: Hanakapiai Beach. This stretch of drift may resemble an unspoiled swimming spot however looks can be extremely deluding. The water frequently appears to be quiet and peaceful from a remote place however underneath the surface there are solid riptides and intense streams that have killed more than 80 swimmers throughout the years. There is even a plaque (see photograph over) that cautions individuals to remain out of the water and has the flow loss of life increased.



Dangers at Cape Tribulation


Crocodiles are found in the estuaries of the streams on the Daintree Coast. It isn’t ensured to swim near the mouths of streams. Ask neighborhood individuals where it is protected to swim. In the wet season, the conduits are extraordinarily sub zero and swimming openings discovered upstream, a long way from the float, give a stimulating other choice to swimming in the ocean, which various neighborhood individuals find too warm.


Make an effort not to be scared of seeing a snake, as they are for the most part not dangerous for individuals. Most rainfores snakes are non-venomous, and extremely modest. The most clear open door concerning seeing a snake is to go on a guided nightwalk with either Masons Tours or Jungle Adventures.


The cassowaries should be treated with unprecedented respect, as they can be to a great degree strong, continued running at high speeds (speedier than you), and have a blade like paw that can gut you. If you experience a cassowary, venture back bit by bit and look for a tree to take cover behind. The feathered animal may be extremely curious, and hollering and waving a coat may in like manner help drive him away.


This tree has gigantic heart-shaped leaves, with tough edges, and fine hairs on the gets out. It has red berries swinging from the capacity compartment which are amazingly tempting to endeavor and contact. If you contact a leaf, you can get a to a great degree troublesome sting, which can continue going for a long time. These trees are generally found on the edge of woodlands clearings – they are one of the pioneer creature writes which recuperates a gap in the forested areas. Some settlement houses have stinging trees with a fence around them and a sign to exhibit to you what no doubt.

Cape Tribulation, Australia – Dangerous Creatures

Arranged in northern Queensland, Australia, Cape Tribulation has a name that may fill in as a notice for a few voyagers. The zone is home to jellyfish, venomous snakes, crocodiles and cassowaries, perhaps the scariest winged creatures on the planet. Cassowaries are significant, flightless flying animals related to emus, and can create to quantify more than 160 pounds, as demonstrated by National Geographic. At whatever point actuated, cassowaries can be powerful and fit for acquiring wounds.

Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii – Powerful Rip Currents


Settled in the Napali Coast of Kauai and only accessible by the Kalalau Trail, Hanakapiai Beach is a champion among the most dangerous places on the planet to go swimming in view of earth shattering tear streams and waves that are known to get people out to sea. In the event that a swimmer gets caught in a tear current, the closest safe shore an area is around six miles away. As a result of these dangerous conditions, The Telegraph reports that no under 83 people have choked there completed the years.

Gansbaai, South Africa – Great White Sharks


Gansbaai has been known as the “Exceptional White Shark Capital of the World” because of the sheer number of these risky predators found covering up off the float. As demonstrated by The Telegraph, the sharks are pulled in to the zone by the settlement of 60,000 conceal seals living in the little station of water between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock, moreover called “Shark Alley.” As perilous as these waters can be, visitors can safely get up close to these terrifying creatures by running pen hopping with a respectable visit association.

Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai – Pollution


Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach is one of the world’s most dirtied on the planet, making the sea here unfit for swimming, according to The Telegraph. The sands on this shoreline are stacked with junk and scraps from protected vessels, and the waters are overflowing with dumped waste and exchange from city of Mumbai. The shoreline’s waters have quite recently gotten more polluted since 2011 when the MV Rak sank and spilled 60,000 metric tremendous measures of coal. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, swimming in dirtied water may realize disorders, for instance, detachment of the entrails or sore throats, or essentially more honest to goodness afflictions in adolescents, the elderly and people with incapacitated safe structures.

Dim Sand Beaches of Kilauea, Hawaii – Erupting Volcano


Arranged in Volcanoes National Park, the dim sand shorelines of Kilauea may be superb, anyway they are furthermore unsafe. The shorelines sit close by one of the world’s most powerful volcanoes, Mount Kilauea, which has been reliably shooting since 1983 and spewing hot magma into the ocean. The temperatures of the water here stretch around 110 degrees, as showed by the Huffington Post.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida – Shark Attacks


Florida’s New Smyrna Beach, while dazzling, furthermore has an alarming reputation. With a recorded 238 strikes, the shoreline, which part of Volusia County, is generally called the “Shark Attack Capital of the World,” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Volusia County has a notable surfing spot close New Smyrna Beach, just south of a sound considered a rich pursuing ground for sharks. Since the surf impedes detectable quality, sharks react to sprinkles like those made by surfers paddling to get a wave, and snack heedlessly, definite the Miami Hearld.

Fraser Island, Australia – Deadly Creatures and Rip Currents


Fraser Island’s shorelines are likely the most dangerous spots. The waters including the island have strong tear streams and are flooding with sharks and jellyfish. Shoreline goers can in like manner continue running into various dangerous creatures aground as well, including saltwater crocodiles, savage bugs and even dingoes, which have been referred to strike kids according to the Associated Press.

Playa Zipolite, Mexico – Dangerous Rip Currents


Generally called “The Beach of the Dead” (Playa de los Muertos), it’s not astonishing that Playa Zipolite, arranged on the southern bank of Oaxaca state in Mexico, has an unsafe reputation. This lovely shoreline is standard with climbers and nudists however in the meantime is notorious for its risky tear back and forth movements. As showed by the Telegraph, a volunteer lifeguard bunch was developed at Zipolite in 1995, which lessened the amount of drownings altogether.

Shorelines of the Northern Territory, Australia – Venomous Jellyfish


Box jellyfish are the most risky and venomous jellyfish on the planet, growing up to 11 inches wide with 60 appendages that can reach out up to 6 feet long. These jellyfish, which are clear in the water, can be found in gigantic swarms along the shore of the Northern Territory of Australia. Their sting is difficult to the point that a couple of setbacks persist heart disappointment before the accomplish the shore. Trying to oust the arms from a sting can make more venom be discharged, and passing can occur inside five minutes. According to the Telegraph, these jellyfish have been accountable for no under 70 passings since 1883.

Shorelines of the Amazon, South America – Dangerous Creatures


Piranhas, boa constrictors and electric eels are just a part of the creatures visitors may involvement on a journey to the perilous shorelines of the Amazon. The conduit is home to rich biodiversity, the most extreme of any stream on the planet. Also, remembering that it’s known for its disturbing tenants, for instance, sharp-toothed red-bellied piranha, the Amazon’s waters are populated by 2,500 extraordinary kinds of fish, and various scientists assume that there are various progressively that have not been recognized yet, as shown by Discover Peru.

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The SAD Story of LAIKA First DOG In SPACE 60 YEARS on | | आखिर क्या हुआ था LAIKA कहाँ गायब हो गई

The mystery of Laika Revealed. The sad story of laika.

The Space Dog What Happened To Her?


Laika was a mongrel stray picked up in the streets of Moscow. She was specifically trained for this highly dangerous mission. Laika was placed in a small chamber of Sputnik 2, with a harness and medical equippment to monitor her vital signs. Although weightless, she was able to eat, drink, bark andmove around the little cabin.

Sputnik 2 was the second spacecraft launched into Earth orbit, on 3 November 1957, and the first to carry a living animal, a dog named Laika. It was a 4 metre high cone-shaped capsule with a base diameter of 2 metres. It contained several compartments for radio transmitters, a telemetry system, a programming unit, a regeneration and temperature control system for the cabin, and scientific instruments. A separate sealed cabin contained the dog Laika.

Engineering and biological data were transmitted using the Tral D telemetry system, which would transmit data to Earth for a 15 minute period during each orbit. Two photometers were on board for measuring solar radiation (ultraviolet and x-ray emissions) and cosmic rays

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10 People With The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

People With Most Beautiful Eyes | दुनिया की 5 सबसे

चौकानेवाली आंखें




Azu is a 10-year-old kid from Rajasthan, India in the town of Jaipur. Not exclusively does he want to do enchantment traps in his town, he likewise has excellent eyes. They are actually green, in any case, they have a yellowish, grayish tint to them. There is a ring around the shaded piece of the eye that is darker than whatever is left of his eye. The ring gives his eyes a more sensational look than they as of now have.





Ping is a young man from Japan who has astonishing eyes. Not exclusively are they a wonderful shade of green, yet they are likewise totally green. Not at all like a great many people on the planet, Ping does not have an obvious understudy in his eye. Up until now, it doesn’t create the impression that Ping has any visual insufficiencies. He simply has a standout amongst the most astounding arrangements of eyes on the planet. His understudy just matches whatever remains of his eye, giving him an exceptionally uncommon, special appearance.

Little Australian Girl


Little Australian Girl

Little Australian Girl

This young girlfrom Nimbin, Australia has the most astounding eyes. The picture taker who took this photograph, Serdar Caik, doesn’t know the young lady’s name. He just observes her watching out the window of her home She has huge, blue eyes, that are an immaculate circle. Caik calls the young lady, “Sea Eyes”.

The Arabian Belly Dancer


The Arabian Belly Dancer

The Arabian Belly Dancer

This lady, referred to just as the Arabian Belly Dancer is an exceptionally normal subject of this current picture taker’s work. She has excellent eyes, which are darker with a trace of green. The dull edge around the shade of her eyes gives them an extremely sensational look. You won’t see her on TV or in the motion pictures, yet you will regularly observe her exquisite eyes posted on the picture taker’s site.

Little African Girl


Little African Girl

Little African Girl

This young lady, who lives in the Sudan, has wonderful eyes. They are a lovely shading that is a mix of green and blue. The state of her eyes makes her resemble a living doll. She will be a genuine heartbreaker when she grows up.




Adrian s a young man from Africa who has perfect eyes. They are a light blue. At first look, one would feel that he is wearing hued contact focal points. As indicated by Adrian, alternate children ridicule him due to the shade of his eyes. He might be excessively youthful, making it impossible to acknowledge it yet, yet he will love is eyes multi day. Not exclusively do they influence him to look awesome, they additionally present to him a lot of consideration.

The Boy With the Honey Eyes

The Boy With the Honey Eyes

The Boy With the Honey Eyes

This youthful numerous has eyes of nectar darker. Nectar darker eyes are amazingly uncommon and exceptionally wonderful. They flawlessly appear differently in relation to his skin shading emphasizes the ravishing shade of his eyes. That, alongside his decent grin could arrive him in probably the most prominent mold magazines around the globe.

The Green-Eyed Children


The Green-Eyed Children

The Green-Eyed Children

They eyes on this sibling and sister are totally flawless. Just 4 percent of the world has green eyes. The infant in the photograph has eyes that influence him to seem as though he is from a different universe. These two youngsters may not understand it, but rather they are two individuals with wonderful eyes on the planet.

The Girl With Eyes to Her Soul

The Girl With Eyes to Her Soul

The Girl With Eyes to Her Soul

This young lady may look solid and threatening, in any case, she isn’t. Some imagine that she looks anxious. It could be because of the way that she is being shot, and this isn’t something that happens each day. It is the way her eyes let you see into her spirit that influences her to appear to be so beautiful and strange. Her exquisite green eyes compliment her face and her skin tone. Just by investigating her eyes, you can nearly observe the tale of her life.

The Girl With the Beautiful Gaze


The Girl With the Beautiful Gaze

The Girl With the Beautiful Gaze

The young lady’s eyes in this photograph are green with clues of silver and dim. She has an exceptionally interesting shading eye, with a dull ring around the shading, which gives her eyes a sensational look. The state of her eyes are great. When you investigate her eyes, you can nearly observe straightforwardly into her spirit.

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दुनिया के 5 सबसे चौकानेवाले खतरनाक जानवर | 5 DEADLIEST Creatures In The World

दुनिया के 5 सबसे चौकानेवाले खतरनाक जानवर |

5 DEADLIEST Creatures In The World


Welcome to India Trending Hindi

आज की वीडियो मे, मै आपको दिखने जा रहा कुछ खतरनाक और most deadliest Creatures in the world, तो अगर आपको भी wildlife मे रूचि है तो वीडियो को अंत तक ज़रूर देखे ।

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Bristle Worm – ये समुन्दर के सबसे खतरनाक जानवरो मे से एक है। ये दिखने मे जितने खूबसूरत होते है उससे कई जायदा खतरनाक इनका जहर होता है। ये जहर इनके कांटे दार बालो मे होता है। अगर गलती से कोई इसको छू ले, तो इस का जहर इंसान के खून मे होता हुआ उसके दिल और दिमाग मे फैल जाता है , जिससे heart attack होने के काफी जयादा chances हो जाते है । इस से बचने का सबसे बेहतरीन तरीका ये है की आप हमेशा इस से दुरी बनाये रखे।

Creato-notos Gangis  ये जानवर South East Asia और Australia के घने जंगलो मे पाया जाता है। ये दिखने मे काफी अजीब लगते है।  Creato-notos Gangis कीड़े मकोड़े खा कर अपना पेट भरता है। ये अकेले मे ही रहना पसंद करते  है और अन्य दूसरे जानवरो से दुरी बनाये रखते  है और ये  अपने घर से तभी बहार निकलते है जब इन्हे शिकार करना होता है।

Triops इस जानवर की खोज कोई बहुत ज्यादा पुरानी नहीं है। ये Russia मे साल 2008 मे पाए गए थे, Triops  अपने शरीर की बनावट के लिए काफी famous है। इनकी की 3 आंखे है और 100 से भी जयादा पैर होते है। इस जानवर के सामने आप कुछ भी रखेंगे तो ये उसे खा लेता है। Triops जायदा से ज्यादा 3 महीने तक जीवित रह सकते है। और अगर पानी दूषित और गन्दा होने लग जाये तो इनकी मौत जल्दी भी हो जाती है।

Eulagisca Gigantea – यह जानवर Atlantica के उस हिस्से मे पाया जाता है , जहा लोगो का पहुँच पाना लगभग नामुनकिन है। अब आपके दिमाग मे यह ख्याल आ रहा होगा अगर लोगो का पहुंच पाना लगभग नामुनकिन है तो फिर यह जानवर मिला कैसे ? अब जहाँ आप और हम नहीं पहुँच पाते वहा बड़े बड़े खोज करता और वैज्ञानिक पहुँच जाते है। तभी तो  हम सभी  इस जानवर के बारे मे जान पा रहे है।  Eulagisca के दांत इतने नोकीले होते है  की ये किसी को भी नुक्सान पहुंचा सकता है। ये पौधे की तरह दिखते है और अपनी इसी विशेष्ता के कारण ये अन्य समुंदरी जीवो को धोका देकर उनका शिकार बड़ी आसानी से कर लेते है।

Peacock Spider ये Spider , amazon के जंगलो मे पाये जाते है। Peacock Spiders  मे एक अलग ही खूबी होती है, ये अपने dancing style की तरह चलने के लिए काफी famous है। Scientist का कहना है की ये male Spider को अपनी और आकर्षित करने के लिए ऐसा करती है। चलो  माना की आप लोग भी dance करने मे माहिर होंगे लकिन ये Peacock Spiders  भी कुछ कम नहीं है।  Peacock Spider मकड़ियों का color अलग अलग होता है और इन मकड़ियों  का जहर काफी खतरनाक होता है , इसके काटने पर सारे शरीर पर दाने हो सकते है, जो की पस से भर जाते है। तो दोस्तों मकड़ी कोई भी हो बच के रहे।


दोस्तों आप मे से ऐसे कौन से लोग है जिन्हे  मकड़ी और cockroach मे से सबसे जयादा डर किस से लगता है ? आप मुझे comment box मे लिख कर बता सकते है।


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दुबई का ये सच आपको जरुर जनना चाहिए | Dubai Facts |

दुबई जाने से पहले जान लो ये बातें |Truth Of Dubai |

Facts Of Dubai

दुबई दुनिया के बेहतरीन शहरों में से एक है और पिछले कुछ सालो से दुबई has attracted tourism from across the country . अगर हम 2018 की बात करे तो दुबई एक आकर्षण का केंद्र बन चूका है हर किसी के लिए। क्योकि Dubai का lifestyle ऊँची ऊँची इमारते हर किसी का धयान अपनी और खींचती है।

अमीर लोग जाते है वहाँ की luxurious life का मज़ा उठाने और वहि दुसरी  ओर middle class आदमी जाना चाहता है दुबई पैसा कमाने के लिए।

आइए थोड़ा सा और जान लेते है दुबई के बारे मे।

दोस्तों वीडियो शुरू करने से पहले अगर आप ने हमारे channel ( India Trending Hindi ) को subscribe नहीं किया तो जल्दी से subscribe  कर लीजिये और bell icon को दबाना बिलकुल भी मत भूलिएगा।

Dubai की सबसे अच्छी बात ये है की वहा Crime Rate Zero है। जहा दुनिया भर के ज्यादा तर शहरो मै अपराध की घटनाये दिन प्रति दिन बढ़ती जा रही है वही Dubai मेँ Crime ना के बराबर है। इसकी वजह है Dubai के कडे Islamic कानून। अपराध न होने की वजह से ही Dubai को दुनिया का सबसे सुरक्षित शहर माना जाता है। और ये ही एक वजह है की  Dubai हर साल दुनिया भर का Tourist अपनी ओर आकर्षित कर लेता है।

अगर आपका मन दुबई जा कर नौकरी करने का है तो आपका ये decision बिलकुल सही है।  Service Class People के लिए दुबई से बेहतर जगह नहीं हो सकती क्योकि वहाँ पर आपको Income Tax नहीं देना पड़ता जिस की वजह से आप अच्छी savings कर सकते है।


अगर आपको कही जाना हो तो बड़ी obvious सी बात है की आप को वहाँ का address पता होना चाहिए। लकिन दुबई मे address system ही नहीं है। अगर कभी आप Dubai घूमने जाये तो इस बात का ध्यान रखे और अपने साथ Map या G P S ज़रूर ले कर चले।  जिससे आप को घूमने फिरने मेँ कोई परेशानी नहीं होगी और आप Exact Location पर आराम से पहुँच जाएंगे।


वैसे तो Dubai मे कई tourist destination spots है but The famous destination spot in Dubai is Burj Khalifa, क्योकि Burj Khalifa world की tallest building है and every tourist wants to visit this place . Burj Khalifa के आलावा इसे  Burj Dubai भी कहते है। इसकी height 2723 Feet जो की लगभग 828 Meter के बराबर होती  है। अगर आप इसको France के Eiffel Tower से Compare करे  तो Burj Khalifa उस से 3 गुना ज्यादा ऊँचा है। Burj Khalifa में कुल 164 Floors , 304 Hotel, 900 Apartments और  58 Lifts है, and  at a time 2960 गाड़िया घडी करने की Space है,


क्या आप जानते है की Dubai मे 50 % जनसँख्या भारतीयों की है।  जबकि Dubai वासियो की खुद की आबादी 17 % ही है और बाकि की 33 % जनसँख्या दुनिया भर के अलग अलग लोगो की है। भारत से हर साल हजारो युवा नौकरी की तलाश में Dubai जाते है।


dubai is the country that has developed very fast in all the aspects. देश भर की बड़ी से बड़ी Companies की Train यहाँ पर चलती है और जहाँ Metro System बनाने में सदियों लग जाती है वही साल 2009 मे Dubai ने Metro System केवल 18 महीनो मे  पूरा करेके has astonished the whole world.


आप सभी ने Disney Land के बारे मैं तू सुना ही होगा जहाँ दुनिया भर से Tourist जाते है लकिन अब Dubai ने एक amazing  Plan बनाया है जिस के according Dubai मे  2020 तक Disney Land से 2 गुना बड़ा Amusement Park होगा। इस के साथ साथ Dubai मैं कई human made  Islands भी construct किये जा रहे है  जिनमे से सबसे बड़ा और शानदार होगा Palm Jumera.


Dubai is famous for it’s tallest and huge things. Dubai मे दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा Mall है जिसमे 1200 से ज्यादा Stores है। दुबई मे दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा Aquarium भी  है। And in Dubai you can see the longest gold chain. ,जिसकी लम्बाई 4 Km से भी ज्यादा है।


I am sure you all love pets. और आप मे से कुछ ने तू पालतू जानवर अपने घर पर  भी रखें होंगे। लकिन अगर मैं आप सभी से कहूँ की Dubai के लोग Cats and  Dogs से ऊपर शेर और चीता पलना पसंद करते है तो आपको थोड़ा अजीब लगेगा।


We all know that Cricket is India’s popular game. पर दुबई का सबसे लोकप्रिय खेल है Camel Race. इस खेल के शुरवाती दिनों मे UNDH के ऊपर बच्चो को baydha कर Race करवाई जाती थी। इस खेल का मज़ा लेने के लिए, दुबई के अमीर लोगो के अपने खुद के बच्चे नहीं bedhtey थे।  बल्कि गरीब देशो से बच्चो की Smuggling यानी की तस्करी की जाती थी। लकिन जब से दुनिया भर मे इसके खिलाफ आवाज़ udhnay लगी तबसे इस खेल मैं बच्चो की जगह अब Robots का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है।

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