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Traumatic stress can change the brain and impact daily living

We’ve been talking a lot about trauma 🥺.1. Because most of us have experienced some form of trauma in our lives.2. Trauma is often very much linked to the experience of anxiety. Trauma can range in intensity and severity 😩….

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Why someone with ANXIETY may appear “FUSSY” when planning things.

Because👉 They are trying to avoid any unexpected surprises that may trigger their anxiety.👉 Those with anxiety lack a sense of “control” and seek this to feel more grounded.👉 Anxiety makes you more easily overstimulated/hypersensitized to your environment.👉 The details around an event may…

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Does anxiety make you retreat?

“No. That’s not who I was.” Anxiety can become a problem when we start to retreat from situations that make us feel anxious. This type of avoidance can lead to anxiety disorders Life is too precious to waste it with…

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