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Have you ever been in fight and flight mode?

When we have been in fight/flight or free too long, it can impact how we view ourselves, others and the world 🫤 Our internal alarm system or autonomic nervous system becomes sensitive to danger cues. In other words, it can…

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High “Functioning” Anxiety + Highly Sensitive Person 😧

If you identify with both, it can be extremely hard to navigate your inner landscape and the world 🌍 around you, as everything may seem “too much” most of the time. You may toggle between high productivity (sympathetic part of…

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Let’s talk about nervous system regulation skills.

I’ve been sharing information focused on the nervous system and the two branches (with three pathways). See the Nervous System Highlight to get the recap. The pasted image reflects different skills you can experiment with when working to move or…

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It is important to understand the impact of trauma on the mind and body.

Trauma literally rewires the 🧠 brain and our physiological stress response. For example, the brain and body perceive outside “threat” differently than it would if no trauma had been experienced. We may become hyper-aware of incoming stimuli and misread the…

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Traumatic stress can change the brain and impact daily living

We’ve been talking a lot about trauma 🥺.1. Because most of us have experienced some form of trauma in our lives.2. Trauma is often very much linked to the experience of anxiety. Trauma can range in intensity and severity 😩….

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Three Truths About Your Nervous System! 👀 Let’s explore…

Mind + body therapy is so important because our nervous system has a significant impact on how we experience our internal and external worlds🤔!Let’s get into it: 1. Your nervous system is constantly looking for cues of safety and danger…

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