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It is important to understand the impact of trauma on the mind and body.

Trauma literally rewires the ๐Ÿง  brain and our physiological stress response. For example, the brain and body perceive outside โ€œthreatโ€ differently than it would if no trauma had been experienced. We may become hyper-aware of incoming stimuli and misread the…

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Trying to fall asleep with Anxiety sounds like

Falling asleep… Trying to fall asleep with Anxiety sounds like ๐Ÿ“   Did I overshare today?๐Ÿ“   What if something bad happens to the people, I love?๐Ÿ“   I feel like, I didn’t accomplish anything today๐Ÿ“   People probably hate me, Ugh I suck๐Ÿ“  …

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