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The impact of trauma on the body. πŸ˜ž

Traumatic experiences impact the WHOLE system. The mind, body, sense of self, and connection to others and the world 🌎. This is not to say everyone who has experienced trauma in their life will experience the things above πŸ‘†πŸΌ ….

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Have you ever been so nervous about a work presentation that you are bee-lining to the bathroom before it starts πŸ’©?Β 

We’ve all been there, right? The gut and brain are in constant communication.  During times of stress, the sympathetic nervous system responds by releasing cortisol, the stress hormone πŸ‘€.  This is a good thing in theory as it makes us…

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It is important to understand the impact of trauma on the mind and body.

Trauma literally rewires the 🧠 brain and our physiological stress response. For example, the brain and body perceive outside β€œthreat” differently than it would if no trauma had been experienced. We may become hyper-aware of incoming stimuli and misread the…

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