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Have you ever been in fight and flight mode?

When we have been in fight/flight or free too long, it can impact how we view ourselves, others and the world 🫤 Our internal alarm system or autonomic nervous system becomes sensitive to danger cues. In other words, it can…

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The impact of trauma on the body. 😞

Traumatic experiences impact the WHOLE system. The mind, body, sense of self, and connection to others and the world 🌎. This is not to say everyone who has experienced trauma in their life will experience the things above 👆🏼 ….

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What is Conscious and Unconscious Mind

90% of the time most of us are running on a program called the unconscious. The brain conserves energy and wants to give you the most predictable life experience even if it’s one that has you feeling miserable.You are able…

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Let’s talk about nervous system regulation skills.

I’ve been sharing information focused on the nervous system and the two branches (with three pathways). See the Nervous System Highlight to get the recap. The pasted image reflects different skills you can experiment with when working to move or…

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High Functioning Anxiety = Nervous System Dysregulation 

The nervous system is directly impacted when we are operating at a high level of anxiety Essentially, it is responding and reacting to the external stressors and stimuli as if they are immediate threats. Just as it would if a…

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