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What and How of Anxiety and Depression

Notes and Pill Bottles Depression and Anxiety aren’t like what you see in the movies! Depression and Anxiety can be the biggest smile on someone’s face! Anxiety can be the most outgoing person in the room! Let’s normalize the true…

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People Pleaser and Your Anxiety Issues

If you struggle with anxiety, chances are you are a people pleaser…here’s why… Many times anxiety shows up because you worry about being imperfect, making mistakes, and making choices that others may not approve of, especially in your family relationships….

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What is Vagus Nerve

fundamental part of the autonomic nervous system, which is composed of two key branches 👉parasympathetic (rest, relax, digest) and the sympathetic (the branch responsible for our stress response). The Vagus Nerve plays a huge role in the “Gut-Brain” connection since…

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