5 Best Power Banks To buy On Amazon



1- Charge Tech – This is the world’s most powerful power bank. Let me tell you guys that this power bank is not limited to charge your mobile phones rather you can use this power bank for other devices too. With Charge Tech you can charge anything, anywhere. Also to mention that Charge Tech is the Winner of Amazon’s The Maker Challenge. The world’s smallest and most powerful AC portable charger battery pack includes 2 AC wall outlet. It can give power to any standard electrical device. The USB ports are equipped with Fast Charge technology to deliver 2.4 FULL AMPS to your devices for rapid charging.


2 – Power Core – Here comes the power core for you guys… 26800 MAH. It’s amazing design and powerful backup is quite to impress you. Power Core comes with 3 USB port which makes you charge 3 devices at the same time and it also has a dash charging system. This power bank can fully charge six Samsung S7 Phone and ten I-PHONE 6S and 2.5 I Pad Air 2. You can easily recharge the Power Core with 2 Power Cable in only 6.5 hours.


3 – Omni 20 – The Omni 20 is a power bank that can intelligently power most devices, all at the same time. In this you will get 2 USB-C ports, Dual output 100 Watt and single output 60 Watt. In this power bank you will get 2 rapid charging ports. And With Omni 20, you can charge 4 laptops, 2 Smart Phones and 1 One Camera. And in this you will get USB-C HUB feature, for file transfer. With Omni 20 you will get a smart LED Screen to capture Real Time Data. The amazing Omni 20 gives you 1000 Plus Battery Life and Twenty Thousand One Hundred MAH power bank which charges under 3 hours only. Omni is available in 2 colors white and black.


4 – Jackery Power Pro – This is one of the most powerful, power back up of all time. The Jackery delivers outdoor portable power designed with safety, providing the power to charge electronics, small appliances and more. The Jackery can be recharged using optional solar panels or by simply plugging in. It is the perfect companion for your camping, travelling and hiking. It is perfect for at the times of emergency or disasters. It is made of durable and reliable ABS+PC material, Designed to be snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof, and waterproof.


5 – Max-oak – Introducing you 36000 MAH Max-oak power bank, it is available in two colors in silver and gold. The body is totally designed with aluminum alloy. And with two different voltages it can charge your laptop and smart phone. The best feature of this power bank is that it has polymer lithium-ion batteries. With is power bank you can charge your Mac Book, I Pad, I Phone and other smart devices.

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5 GADGETS ANYBODY CAN HAVE IN 2019 – Need to EveryONE Latest UNIQUE Technology

5 Gadgets every college student should have In 2019.

Need to Every Engineers, kIdS AND hOUsE WiveS


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1 – Scribble Smart Pen – This is an amazing pen that can draw in any color you like. It lets you borrow the color around you, ALL you need to do is, just scan and start creating your masterpieces. It’s easy to use and comfortable to work with, Scribble brings all the colors in your hands. You can Scan any color and start drawing or writing with it instantly. Scribble stores your colors too, so you can upload, share and use them wherever, whenever you want. It works by using a special color sensor to read the colors you scan, and the smart pump mixes and dispenses the colored ink and with this scribble smart stylus the colors you scan will sync up with your smart devices via Bluetooth. With Scribble the world is your palace.

2 – Mad Gaze AR Smart Glass – This gadget brings you closer to the future. now you can navigate at your finger tips, see the possibilities and feel with every touch, swipe or pinch. They are the best Smart Glasses for Work & Entertainment. MAD Gaze dual optical display is bright and crisp. Hardware and software are enhanced to intensify your visual enjoyment. Whether you are at home or on a trip, you can immerse yourself in a movie without having to block out the happenings around you.

3 – Tajima Seiryo Cooling Jacket – The humid summer temperatures can soar to up to 40 degrees, so introducing you Tajima Seiryo cooling Fan, which is specifically designed for workers and features a simple one button clip-on controller. Basically it is “portable air-conditioning systems” which you can carry around to keep you cool while working in the summer heat. what makes it stand out from the rest is its flexibility: it can fit under almost any shirt or jacket.

4 – PUP SMART SCANNER – Live a new experience and enjoy much greater performances with this new generation scanner. Introducing you the Pup. is easy to use and sleek in look.

5 – Cooling Helmet – Summer, especially July and August, is hot in Japan, and when we say hot we mean extreme heat waves, when the temperature is 40Cs (100Fs) and humidity more than 90% and that is why the constant public warnings for heatstroke protection is given. But what happens if you need to work outside, under those conditions and especially wearing a safety helmet? How will it be possible? It is possible now, The answer is this Tajima Seiryo Cooling Helmet Fan, a little gadget that might literally save your life in summers while working.


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Amazing Kitchen Gadgets For Mom

KITCHEN Gadgets Will Make Your Life Easier |

Kitchen Gadgets Make You To Another Level

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets | Best Kitchen Gadgets Ever | Kitchen Gadgets Must Have | Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Mom | New Kitchen Gadgets 2018 | Quirky Kitchen Gadgets | Kitchen Gadgets India Kitchen Gadgets Amazon | Kitchen Gadgets for Gifts | Kitchen Gadgets India Online |

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Top 5 Futuristic Cool Inventions Make You To Another Level ▶ 2 Amazing Gadgets Buy Online



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1 – STARSHIP DELIVERY SERVICE – With a combination of mobile technology, and by these specially designed robots and with a local hub system, this company aims to make local delivery faster, smarter and more cost-efficient. I have never seen a Robot like this. These robots are ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.


2 – Joseph Joseph Trash Compactor – How often do you empty your trash? Have you ever heard that Trash Tin or Dustbin comes with 10 year of guarantee, Watch this. It has an integrated odor filter compartment inside. Only the inside of the trash bag touches the trash while compacting, and leaving you with clean hands and a clean trash can.


3 – Drainwig – If you ever have to clean up your clogged shower drain then you know how gross and disgusting that glob of wet air can be, finally the solution is here, Introducing Darin Wig.


4 – KEEPEEZ – With Keepseez you can turn your bowls, cups and mugs into vacuum sealed containers. It works on glass, Ceramic, plastic and stainless steel to ensure a long-lasting vacuum sealed food for minimum 4 to 7 days.


5 – LEIFHEIT CLEAN TWIST SYSTEM – Introducing Clean Twist system for gentle and damp cleaning of sensitive floors. Now no bending down and your hands will remain dry.
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